The Ice Cream You are Drawn to Will Determine Your Love Style

What is sweeter than ice cream on a date with your beloved? Or maybe on a first date when things are all exciting...

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 21, 2023
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By now, we all know about love languages and how we like to receive love to feel most appreciated. But how about love styles? How do you give love to your partner? How do you show affection? Ice cream apparently is the best indicator of this and by choosing your favorite ice cream flavors, you will discover your love style!

Which ice cream is first on your list?

Which ice cream flavor are you drawn to most?

Choose an ice cream to eat right now:

Which flavor could you eat forever?

What classic will you always choose first?

Which flavor of ice cream has won your heart?

Select the unusual flavor you'd be most excited to eat:

It's gettin' frosty in here... Which ice cream are you going for?

Which flavor is calling for you?

You can only eat one flavor for the rest of the year. Which are you choosing?

Your love style is: Activities!

Your love style is: Activities!

We have a feeling you show love and affection by organizing and doing activities together. You love when your partner shows a genuine interest in your hobbies and you connect deeply when you do fun activities together.

Your love style is: Physical Connection!

Your love style is: Physical Connection!

Similar to physical touch as a love language, you show love through physical touch. You love the feeling of sensing someone else's body and being physically close to your partner.

Your love style is: Intellectual!

Your love style is: Intellectual!

People who are an intellectual love type like to connect through the mind. They feel loved and accepted when they are able to engage in intelligent conversations that are mentally stimulating.

What type of ice cream is your fave?

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