Tell Us the Weirdest Spots You'd Nap and We'll Reveal Your Star Sign

Would you sleep among the stars?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 19, 2024
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Our sleeping habits can tell us exactly what our star sign is. Some can nap anywhere, while others have a harder time. Are you one of those people who can fall into a slumber at any given moment, any place? Check off the places that you've slept before and we'll reveal your star sign!

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Tell us, which of these places sounds like the perfect napping spot?

Where would you close your eyes for a few minutes if you were exhausted after work?

Where are you snoozing next?

Where are you gonna catch some zzzz's?

Where could you see your next nap?

Where could we find you sleeping?

Where of these spots sounds most relaxing?

Where could you easilyyyy rest your head?

Where would you totally fall asleep?

Last chance! Let us know where we might find you napping...

You're a...Capricorn????!!!

You're a...Capricorn????!!!

Capricorns are lovers of routine and usually go to bed at the same time every night. You take a lot of naps throughout the day to refresh and revive yourself. You are a strategic napper and even take power naps from time to time.

Scorpio, huh?

Scorpio, huh?

Scorpios are usually easily irritated, but when it comes to sleep, you are out like a light! Probably from all of the late-night partying, you are okay sleeping in other people's houses or on uncomfortable furniture.

Hmmm.. Taurus!?

Hmmm.. Taurus!?

How do we know you're a Taurus star sign? Because you are not so good at sleeping in weird places. You need your usual comforts and that includes a pillow and a very fuzzy, very furry blanket.

What's your favorite part of the sleep cycle?

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