Rate These Discontinued Snacks and We'll Guess if You're Gen Z, Millennial, or Gen X

Do you remember Orbitz, Push-Ups, and Ritz Bits S'mores?!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 5, 2024
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If you're a millennial, you'll definitely remember these snacks! They've been discontinued but are still delicious in our memories! Tell us how you'd rate these snacks and we'll reveal what generation you are actually from. Are you Millenial, GenZ, or GenX?

How would you rate... Orbitz?

How would you rate... Kissables?

What about Hershey's Swoops?

Snack Wraps?

IceScreamers Push-Ups?


Pizzerias Pizza Chips?

Crystal Pepsi?

Ritz Bits S'mores Sandwiches?

EZ Squirt Ketchup?

You are certainly Gen X!

You are certainly Gen X!

You are self-reliant and extremely individualistic. You were most likely given a lot of independence at a young age and because of that, you probably have a pretty successful career or are at least active in your community.

You are totally Gen Z!

You are totally Gen Z!

You are naturally communicative and as you are financially focussed, you would most likely start your own business! Gen Z also fiercely values cultural diversity and gender inclusion.

You are such a Millenial!

You are such a Millenial!

You have an innate passion for learning, you value relationships with superiors and you are very tech-savvy! Millennials value meaningful motivation and of course, are especially eco-friendly!

What pizza-based snack looks tastiest?

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