60% of American Adults Can't Ace This French History Quiz. Can You?

Are you really into pub trivia? What about the French Revolution, Napoleon's wars and Louis XIV? Do you think you can beat most people by getting at least 6/10 on this French History Quiz? Most American adults can't, but maybe you have what it takes! Try your hand at this difficult pub trivia quiz!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Sep 2, 2022
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When did the French Revolution officially start?

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Which girl led the French Army at Orleans during the 100 Year War?

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Where was Napoleon exiled?

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Which holiday signifies the start of the French Revolution?

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What battle was Napoleon's final defeat?

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Which queen greatly influenced the start of the French Revolution?

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Which radical French Revolution leader was assassinated in his bath?

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Which treaty concluded the Seven Years' War?

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Which French Emperor was known as "the little corporal?"

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Who has not been identified as the man in the iron mask?

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Which area of French History do you know the most about?

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