Only People with PhD's Can Pass This Quiz on Humanities

Humanities is an academic discipline that studies human society and culture.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Feb 6, 2024
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Have you ever wondered why you have to take Humanities in University? Studying human development and culture is apparently important, considering most of us are human... right? We put together all the most pressing questions humans need to answer! How many can you get right?

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Which of the following is used most often to emphasize dramatic effects in Caravaggio's paintings?

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A piece of music usually composed with three contrasting movements for one or more solo instruments and orchestra is a:

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Which dance genre is typically characterized by a focus on natural movement, self-expression, and the downward pull of gravity on the body?

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The Hellenic Age of ancient Greek culture ended with the-

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Linear perspective emerged as an important element of Western art during the-

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A political party supports a program that would provide every citizen of its country an education in morality and the right to vote. Which philosopher would most likely approve of this program?

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What did ancent Greek philosopher, Homer write?

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A socialist artist who validated the history of Mexico in large public murals was-

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Films such as and West Side Story illustrate the influence of which author's works?

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Roy Lichtenstein incorporated features of which form of popular culture into his paintings?

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Which period would you have liked to live in?

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