Only 1/10 People Can Get a Perfect Score on This 1800s Dating Etiquette Quiz

Are you more polite than the average 1800s bachelor or bachelorette? How would you fare in Victorian times where manners and etiquette were held to great importance. Do you think you could live in the Victorian age? Take this quiz to test your dating knowledge as it was in 1800!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 23, 2022
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Upon meeting a stranger at a dance, you must:

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Which side of the sidewalk would you walk on if you were a man alongside a lady?

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As a lady, should you accept presents from a man?

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If a man knocks on your door, as a single woman, can you let him in?

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When could you touch a woman's hand in the street?

6 / 10

What kind of public displays of affection were allowed?

7 / 10

What should a lady never be seen without on the street?

8 / 10

How many glasses of wine can you drink at dinner if you are a single woman?

9 / 10

Which topics are usually avoided on dates?

10 / 10

How should you converse with a lady if you meet her on horseback?

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What gift would you accept during an 1800s courtship?

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