Once You Create Your Dream Dessert, We'll Determine if You're More Like Dwight, Jim or Michael

It's time to get crafty and create your very own dessert, then we'll tell you which character from The Office you really are!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 25, 2024
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Ahh, dessert, the best meal of the day. Michael Scott has been known to down cups of chocolate pudding as his dessert of choice. If you had to create your own custom dessert, what would you put in it? Build your own dessert with a base, sauces, fruits, and puddings, and we'll match you to a character from The Office you're most like!

>> Are You Jim or Dwight? Compare your results and see if you get the same for both!

What base are you choosing?

Which fruit would you add?

Which custard would you add to your dessert?

What sauce is going on it?

Which chocolate add-in would you choose?

Which type of jelly is your favorite?

Which mousse is getting your vote?

Are you adding any ice cream?

Which sauce would you top it off with?

Lastly, which candy are you sprinkling on top?

You are most like Dwight

You are most like Dwight

The master of intuition... as assistant manager, Dwight is always one step ahead of the rest. You are dutiful and loyal to those above you, and have a strong distaste for lazy workers.

You are most like Michael Scott

You are most like Michael Scott

Besides being an absolute lover of dessert, Michael Scott is a fun-loving, awkward, and often inappropriate boss. If you're like Michael, you always stir up fun wherever you go and your employee-sensitive goes as far as 1 foot in front of your face.

You are most like Jim

You are most like Jim

You have a pretty good perspective on things and your attention to detail is great for pulling the most ingenious pranks. You have a heart of gold and deep inside you're a true romantic.

Which famous "The Office" dessert would you eat?

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