Make an Exotic Fruit Salad & We'll Reveal Your Dating Tendencies

Choose the juiciest fruit, and we'll reveal how you date and what your preferences are when it comes to finding your perfect match.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jun 3, 2023
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Did you know that exotic fruit and dating preferences have a lot to do with each other? These sweet fruits can help you see what your tendencies are when you date. Do you tend to overshare? Do you hesitate? Or do you romanticize to no end? Everyone has their tendencies and preferences when it comes to getting cozy with someone. Let's see what the result is!

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First, which type of melon would you choose to include in your salad?

Which type of tropical fruit would you throw in?

Which other type of exotic fruit would you add in?

Which other fruit would you add?

Which of these fruits would make your salad scrumptious?!

Choose another delicious fruit to add in.

Which other yummy fruit would you choose?

Choose another fruit!

Which tropical fruit would you choose?

Which final fruit would you add to your fruit salad?

You tend to maximize!

You tend to maximize!

People who maximize tend to over question their dates, zooming into slight imperfections that they believe make up the whole. In reality, perfection doesn't exist and there are many ways to get to know someone, based on personality/sense of humor, and similar interests.

You tend to hesitate!

You tend to hesitate!

You never run out of excuses to second-guess things about your partner. Should you text? Or just leave it to them. You opt to hesitate because it feels safer, but meanwhile, time is ticking! Making a move is scary, but sometimes, it's just the right thing!

You tend to romanticize!

You tend to romanticize!

Romanticizing is just part of your process. You have a soft side and when you meet someone, you go through all the future possibilities with them. You are overtly romantic when you date, creating dreamy situations for your date so they get wrapped up in your loving vibes.

How do you like to eat coconut?

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