Is It True That Only PhD Students Can Pass This Mathematics Test?

Only the numerically gifted will prevail...

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Feb 6, 2024
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Do you think you're pretty good at math? Who knows, maybe you're a genius. This quiz is made to tell which people have high math skills and which need a bit of extra practice. Try the quiz to see where you rank! Are you as smart as a PhD math student?

>> No One Can Score 10/10 in the Trickiest Math Quiz Ever

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Solve for x...
x: 2x+5=3x−2

2 / 10

Find the area of a triangle with base
b=8 units and height ℎ=10.

3 / 10

Solve the inequality:

4 / 10

Solve the system of equations:

5 / 10

Solve the inequality:

6 / 10

Solve the system of equations:

7 / 10

Calculate the volume of a cylinder with a radius of 3
units and a height of 8 units.

8 / 10

Evaluate the expression: 3/4×2/5

9 / 10

Find the area of a rectangle with length 9
units and width 6 units.

10 / 10

Solve the equation: 2/3x−4=5

Questions left

Which math-related career would you like best?

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