How To Use MBTI To Find Out Your Communication Style

You may have taken the MBTI test before. Let's explore how your personality type can affect your communication style!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Mar 16, 2022
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How do you communicate and how do you feel the most authentic in your communication style?

The MBTI can help people communicate more effectively in workplaces. Each personality type has 4 letters that represent Extroverted/Introverted, Intuiting/Sensing, Thinking/Feeling, and Judging/Perceiving.

We'll go more in-depth into these traits and how they show in communication in the workplace.

How Can I Find Out My Communication Style?

How to Harness Your Inner Intuitive or Sensor

Choose a color:

Choose a shirt to wear to work:

How do you greet your boss?

What do you need to feel comfortable at work?

How many work friends do you have?

What is the nature of your work?

Choose a number:

Are you introverted or extraverted?

What do you like to talk about most?

What is your role usually in a meeting?

You communicate as a...Judger!

You communicate as a...Judger!

You communicate by assessing information and making judgments at the right time. You may appear reserved but behind that, you care deeply about your work and others.

You communicate as an...Intuitive!

You communicate as an...Intuitive!

You communicate based on abstract thought and philosophical notions. You have a surplus of creative ideas and speak in an exciting and innovative way.

You communicate as a...Feeler!

You communicate as a...Feeler!

You communicate through your emotions. People are able to see your emotions quite clearly and they love and trust you for it. You have a certain charisma when you speak and can communicate ideas clearly and with confidence.

How Do You Communicate In the Workplace?

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Choose a color:

Use Your Thinking Or Feeling Power

Unleash Your Inner Judger Or Perceiver

By harnessing and developing these aspects of your personality, you can access your authentic communication style more easily and speak more true to yourself.

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