How Much Do You Remember Passport To Paris?

Remember the Mary-Kate and Ashley flick Passport to Paris?! Let's see how much you know!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Apr 27, 2020
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What is Melanie and Ally's last name?

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What is the name of Grandpa Edward's assistant who is assigned to show the girls around?

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What did Brigitte do for a living?

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Instead of ordering sodas at the cafe, Ally accidentally ordered what?

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What had to be done to unjinx Ally and Melanie?

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Grandpa Edward had an official job what was it?

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Was Melanie the first girl kissed at the dance?

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 What is the name of the band that both Melanie and Michel like?

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What did Jean's dad do for a living?

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How many paintings did the Ally and Melanie say they saw at the art museum?

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Which twin plays Melanie?

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 What was the environmental issue Ally and Melanie were concerned about?

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What color are the sunglasses Ally wears?

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What were the names of the two boys Ally and Melanie met in Paris?

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 What is the name of the junior high school Melanie and Ally attended?

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