How Is Your Dating Etiquette? Take This Quiz to Find Out 

Do you have proper manners? Or is it time you learn a thing or two?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jul 7, 2022
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You may have been on many dates, but do you know proper dating etiquette? Some people say that chivalry is dead and this might be true, but in 2022 there are still rules to follow. We're basing this quiz on actual dating etiquette as it pertains to dating experts. See if you can beat the pros! Test your dating etiquette knowledge, can you stay cool as a cucumber?

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When in a dark theater and an usher is directing you to your seat, the girl should…

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When a girl is getting into a car, she should go in...

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When being introduced to your date’s parents, you should…

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You agree to go out with a friend, but then your crush asks you out for the same night. What do you do?

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Where should the girl walk when walking down a flight of stairs with her date? The boy should walk:

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When walking along a sidewalk, where should the girl walk?

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Should you kiss a girl at the end of a first date?

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When should you return a text after a good date?

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Who should pay on a first date?

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When should you begin talking about past relationships?

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What is your perfect date location?

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