Choose Your Favorite Things And We'll Reveal Who Your "Type" Is

What are some of your favorite things? Tell us and we'll reveal your dating "type".

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Dec 19, 2021

Choose your favorite cookie:

Choose your favorite pie:

Choose your favorite pet:

What is your favorite smoothie?

What is your favorite pastime?

What is your favorite instrument?

What is your favorite cereal?

What is your favorite type of dance?

What is your favorite style of coffee?

What is your favorite candy?

Your type is....Intelligent Type!

Your type is....Intelligent Type!

You have an intelligent mind and want someone to have lengthy, smart conversations with. You guys can even dissect the meaning behind a toothpaste tube, you guys are just so smart!

Your type is....Athletic Type!

Your type is....Athletic Type!

You go for the active type. You like to keep busy and always want to be doing something. Your guy will have you covered!

Your type is...Artistic Type!

Your type is...Artistic Type!

You go for a creative guy! Someone who will delve deep with you and who will cry with you during movies. You guys can create art together, how fun!

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