Create a Hallmark Movie Storyline and We'll Reveal Your Best Holiday Trait 

Weave your ingenious Hallmark story together and we'll reveal your most dominant holiday trait.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Dec 17, 2022
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Don't you find that Hallmark movies have the best storylines? The town hall is being destroyed by real estate developers and a handsome architect comes to town to save the day. Or how about, a female writer begins her romance novel, and the publisher is her secret admirer. Hallmark movies are outrageously cheesy, but that's why we love them. Create your own Hallmark storylines from these prompts, and we'll reveal your best holiday trait!

Where does the story take place?

Who is your lead?

How does the lead meet their love interest?

What is the overall conflict of the story?

What quirky activity do the two leads do together?

What is the B plot?

Who makes a special appearance?

What happens before the climax of the story?

What does the lead say before they kiss the love interest?

How does the story end?

You are a Cheer spreader!

You are a Cheer spreader!

That's right! During the holidays, you are the one who spreads cheer, whether it's planning parties, baking cookies, or shoveling your neighbor's driveway. You don't see how anyone can be grumpy over the holidays and make a point to be extra positive.

You are a Hall decker!

You are a Hall decker!

You are the envy of the neighborhood, why? Because when the holidays come around, you get to work. Your house is always decked out with the more beautiful decorations, and your tree is of course a sight to be seen!

You are a Holiday romantic!

You are a Holiday romantic!

Oh is that mistletoe? The holidays just make you so rosy and romantic. What's not to love about it! You almost always have a cute holiday date, and you hit all the best holiday date spots, like the local ice skating rink, the hot chocolate cafe, and of course strolling downtown to catch a glimpse of the lights!

Which Hallmark movie is your favorite?

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