Could You Live in the Victorian Era? This Quiz Will Decide!

How do you address a married women in the Victorian times? When should you open your fan? Should you bring your kids to a dinner party? This quiz will test your Victorian Etiquette skills. Do you have what it takes to live in Victorian England?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 1, 2022
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How were women expected to address politics?

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How would a woman approach a familiar man in the street?

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A single woman wasn't allowed to leave a social gathering without the accompaniment of whom?

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If a woman was home between 3pm and 5pm, she would be ready for what?

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If you had to go to a social gathering, what would you do with small children?

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If a man and woman engage in the street, they should avoid what?

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If you were a young bride, what age bridesmaids were you supposed to a have at your wedding?

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What was the reason for corsets?

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If a woman meets a man in the street the man must:

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Which direction do male passengers face in horse-drawn carriages?

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Who would you be in the Victorian times?

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