Choose Your Summer Wardrobe and We'll Reveal Your Weirdest Quirk 

Think we can determine what's quirky about you?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jun 19, 2022
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Summer is here! Better hit the malls and get some cool, new summer clothes. After two years of staying in the house, it's time to show everyone what your fashion is really like! Throw out those sweatpants (or just save them for staying in the house) and show off your style!

What weird quirk do you have that maybe you aren't even aware of? Your choice of summer clothes will actually reveal it! Take this test to find out!

Choose some sandals:

Choose a romper:

Choose some sunglasses:

Choose a summer dress:

Choose a hat:

Choose a top:

Choose some shorts:

Choose a purse:

Choose a summer skirt:

Choose summer shoes:

Your weird quirk leave notes everywhere.

Your weird quirk leave notes everywhere.

You are a note person and you always need to be leaving notes for people and yourself. Sometimes they even get stuck to your body!

Your weird quirk fidget!

Your weird quirk fidget!

You always have to be in motion and are constantly fidgeting. You are the type of person who needs to keep their hands busy.

Your weird quirk have a huge collection of something

Your weird quirk have a huge collection of something

You are an avid collector or something whether it's stamps, beanie babies, coins or kinder surprise egg toys! You display your collections so guests can peruse it!

When do you consider summer to actually start?

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