Can You Pass This 'FRIENDS' Thanksgiving Episode Quiz?

Test your knowledge on all the thanksgivings in Friends! Can you pass this very specific quiz?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Nov 21, 2022
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You know the One with All The Thanksgivings? This iconic episode is a mish-mash of flashbacks and zany stories all on Thanksgiving. Do you consider yourself an expert on all things Friends? Let's test your knowledge on this hilarious episode!

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What did Phoebe lose when she recalled her Thanksgiving story from her past life?

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What does Monica rub on herself to seduce Chandler?

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What does Monica mistake for Chandler's toe?

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What does Chandler say to Monica when she has a turkey on her head?

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Who, besides Monica, got a turkey stuck on their head?

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Who was Rachel's boyfriend in her Thanksgiving flashback?

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Why does Chandler lose his toe?

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What song did Chandler and Ross say they wrote?

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What year was the first Thanksgiving flashback?

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When was the next flashback?

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What is your favorite quote from the episode?

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