Can You Identify These African American Heroes?

As we look back on black history, it's to see just how many African American people have helped shape our world. These heroes are still affected out lives today and without, maybe our lives would look much different. Can you identify these African American Heroes?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Aug 16, 2020
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Who is this American poet?

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Who is this author, actress and civil rights activist?

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Who is this man who escaped from slavery, stole and ship, impersonated a captain and went on to free other slaves?

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Who is this Nobel Prize and Pullitzer Prize winning novelist?

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Who is this civil rights activist?

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Who is this notable scientist and inventor?

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Who is this open heart surgeon?

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Who is this female astronaut?

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Who is this writer and historian who was infamously known as "The Father of Black History"?

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Who is this famous professional American boxer?

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Who is this singer, dancer, comedian and activist?

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Who is this abolitionist and political activist?

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Who is this American inventor?

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Who is this minister and activist?

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Who is this school teacher and first president of a bank?

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