Can We Guess Your Energetic Signature?

You know when you think of someone, and you get that energetic impression of them? This quiz will reveal your energetic signature!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Nov 24, 2021

What type of laugh do you have?

What is your dominant trait?

Who were you in highschool?

How do you usually greet people

What is your preference?

What is your favorite art activity?

Choose a reptile:

Which location appeals to you?

If you had to eat a fruit, what would it be?

Choose a celestial body:

Your energetic signature is...Dreamer!

Your energetic signature is...Dreamer!

You have a mystical, dream-like quality to you, it's as if you're phasing in from another realm. When people think of you, they remember all the cool, mysterious and artistic qualities of your personality. You're just so different, people are always intrigued!

Your energetic signature is...Funny!

Your energetic signature is...Funny!

You are hilarious and wacky! Your life is basically a sitcom. When people think of you, they remember all the hilarious things you've told them. You always make people laugh and you're great at cheering people up!

Your energetic signature is...Kindness!

Your energetic signature is...Kindness!

You are eternally kind, when people think of you they remember all the generous, kind and nice things you've done for them. You have a huge heart and your greatest strength is relating to others.

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