Are You Random Or Predictable?

Do you say what's on your mind, or do you mind what you say?

Lea Abelson
Created By Lea Abelson
On Apr 18, 2018

Choose an ice cream:

Choose a stuffed animal:

Choose a trendy meal:

Choose some gloves:

Choose a pony:

Choose a country:

Choose a makeup item:

If you stepped on a banana peel you would:

You are....Random!

You are....Random!

You say what's on your mind, as it comes to mind. You don't see the problem with changing subjects rapidly...The habits of giant pandas...soon turns into your favourite type of Skittle, which soon turns into whether aliens are really out there. It makes sense to you!

You are...Predictable!

You are...Predictable!

You may think you're random and crazy, but I'm sorry to say you are as predictable as butter on toast. You like your habits and schedules, hey nothing wrong with that!