Are You More LaCroix or Bubly Sparkling Water?

These sparkling water giants are the two most popular water beverages in the U.S.! Which one are you?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Sep 11, 2023
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Can your personality be described by a brand of sparkling water? You bet. Are you retro and a little nerdy LaCroix? Or curious and fun Bubly? Let's find out through a series of simple questions that will tell you which sparkling water brand you really are!

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What do you need to have with your water?

Which image resonates with you more?

What's your greatest fear?

What juice would you mix with sparkling water?

If you had to choose one type of diving, which would you try out?

What's the best time of day to drink sparkling water?

Which word best describes your inner soul?

Which drink looks tastiest to you?

Which word could be used to describe you best?

What type of party would you prefer to throw?

You are....LaCroix!

You are....LaCroix!

You are retro and a bit nerdy like LaCroix! People see you as being a little left of center and you definitely do not conform to the status quo, in fact, you actively go against it. You may be seen as being stuck up, but in reality, you just have your own set of rules.

You are...Bubly!

You are...Bubly!

You have an effervescent, positive attitude about just about everything. Although you have a sunny exterior, you can still be a bit sarcastic and witty. Most of what you say is in jest, making light of a situation. Ultimately, life doesn't have to be so serious, and you strongly believe this.

Which flavor of sparkling water is your favorite?

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