Are You Mellow, Moody, or Serene?

You describe yourself as a chill person, but how chill are you exactly?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Sep 26, 2021

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You are...Mellow!

You are...Mellow!

You are mellow which means that you have a general vibe of chill. Nothing phases you and you prefer to lay low. People like hanging around you because you emit calming energy and are easygoing and fun to be around!

You are...

You are...

You are chill but in a darker, moody way. Think Daria or Batman. You sometimes will retreat and need time for yourself.

You are...Serene!

You are...Serene!

You are fluid and flowy and so serene! Your life looks effortless and you have stillness and calmness that goes beyond chill.