Are You Really an Optimist, Idealist, or Realist?

Are you eternally positive? Do you keep it real? Or do you understand that life has a combination of both positive and negative experiences? Let’s find out! 

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Apr 23, 2023
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Being an idealist means looking at the positive of things in life, your cup is full and you believe that the absolute best outcome is possible. Being a realist means not having high expectations and being constantly connected to the most likely scenario. Being an optimist means that you look on the lighter side of things but you are still grounded in the reality that not everything will work out in your favor. This makes optimists the least disappointed! Which personality trait do you have the most? Are you an Idealist, Optimist, or Realist?

If your flight is delayed because of a thunderstorm, what are your first thoughts?

You buy an ice cream cone and it falls on the ground before you even start eating it. How do you react?

You drop a glass and it breaks! The first thought that comes to mind is:

Up to what age did you believe in Santa?

The restaurant forgot to put cheese on your burger! You:

Which occupation would most suit you?

You ordered a T-shirt online and they sent the wrong size. You:

You get pulled over for speeding, the first thing you think of is:

Your phone dies right when you need to use it and you don't have a charger. The first thought you think is:

You accidentally send a private email to all of your co-workers, including your boss. The first thought you think is:

You are an idealist!

You are an idealist!

You have high expectations and always aim for the best possible outcome! You are naturally an idea person and are always thinking of great ideas to improve society. You tend to ignore rules and limitations and even in the face of disappointment you're able to stay positive.

You are an optimist!

You are an optimist!

Optimists are the least disappointed because they have one foot on the ground at all times, they never go too far with their positivity but they keep a positive outlook. Optimists expect the best but prepare for the worst.

You are a realist!

You are a realist!

Realists are grounded solidly in reality. You don't have high expectations and relate to the world in a literal, direct way. Practicality is the name of the game and you don't over-dramatize situations. As a friend, you are a good listener and are a grounding, calming presence.

What type of happiness do you experience most often?

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