Answer 10 Questions to Reveal How Caring You Are

Are you open-hearted and caring about everyone around you or are you a bit more self-centered? How would you rate yourself on the scale of caring?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Oct 31, 2022
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If you are empathic, most likely, you are caring. Being caring means that you have a big heart, you think of others' needs first and you're happy helping people and expect nothing in return. If you are self-focused, you may be more preoccupied with your own business and do more self-care.

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How often do you like your friends' posts?

How often do you talk to your friends in person?

Do you consider yourself empathic?

What do you prefer?

What is your preferred greeting?

What do you do when your friends are sick?

How would you react if your co-worker got a promotion when you've been trying for 3 years?

How would you react if your friend was late meeting you?

How many times have you volunteered in the past?

What's most important to you?

You are self-focused!

You are self-focused!

Being self-focused is not a bad thing, in fact, taking care of yourself first is important so you are able to take care of others later on!

You are kind!

You are kind!

You are thoughtful towards others and try to help people as much as you can. You do little things that make people's days brighter.

You are extremely caring!

You are extremely caring!

Whether you shower yourself in self-care or are great at taking care of others', you always have others' hearts in mind. You're happy helping others and expect nothing in return. You are so kind!

How do you express your care?

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