Answer 10 Questions and We'll Give You an Artist to Jam Out To

Think of an artist's music you would blast to high volume and dance to alone in your room. Answer these questions and we'll give you the artist you should jam out to!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Nov 4, 2022
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Everyone has their favorite artists, but maybe there are some you haven't discovered yet! Jamming is good for the spirit and shakes all that stress away. Get your best dancing earphones, and charge your iPod because we're about to get jamming!

Which word describes how you're feeling right now?

When do you listen to music most?

Which is your favorite genre of music?

Which word describes your general personality best?

Which hip-hop artist do you prefer?

Which country artist do you prefer?

Who are you at your core?

How do you like to jam?

Where do you hangout the most?

What is your favorite subgenre of music?

You should jam out to... Justin Bieber.

You should jam out to... Justin Bieber.

Your personality is active, extroverted and a bit deviant! You would totally jam with Justin Bieber's music, a mix of pop, R&B and EDM.

You should jam out to...Harry Styles!

You should jam out to...Harry Styles!

Your personality is fun, chill, and daring! You would totally love Harry Styles pop, upbeat and jammable music.

You should jam out to...Taylor Swift!

You should jam out to...Taylor Swift!

Swifty just came out with her new album, Midnights. Your personality is care-free, light-hearted, and relaxed which means you would love her jams!

Which genre of music do you listen to the most?

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