A Never Have I Ever Quiz to Reveal How Rebellious You Were Growing Up

Did you have a curfew growing up? How late did you stay out?

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Sep 9, 2022
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Teen years are the ultimate time when we test our boundaries and get into some mischief. This Never Have I Ever quiz will accurately reveal how rebellious you really were!

Never have I ever stolen something from a store.

Never have I ever, dated a hot teacher.

Never have I ever stayed out on the street all night.

Never have I ever, yelled at my parents.

Never have I ever, gone skinny dipping.

Never have I ever, made out with three people in one night.

Never have I ever used a fake I.D.

Never have I ever, played hooky from school.

Never have I ever drunk-dialed my ex.

Never have I ever lied to law enforcement.

You were not rebellious at all.

You were not rebellious at all.

Somehow, you never got into much trouble when you were growing up. You may have been sent to the principal's office once or twice. You tend to stay in the lines and don't push back when it comes to rules.

You were somewhat rebellious!

You were somewhat rebellious!

You were a little rebellious growing up and were influenced mostly by your friends. You may have been easy to convince at a young age. Most of your rebellion was harmless and consisted of doodling on bathroom stalls, passing notes in class and coming home past your curfew.

You were extremely rebellious!

You were extremely rebellious!

You definitely had a rebellious streak growing up. You believed strongly against the rules of society. You skipped classes, blamed other people for things you did and even made your little sister cry.

Who were you in high school?

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