9 Easy Ways To Meditate Without Moving Out of Your Desk

Feeling stressed and worried at the end of the workday? It doesn't have to be like this.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 18, 2022

Most people these days work from home sitting on chairs, staring at a screen with Zoom meetings and deadlines looming in the background. It can be super stressful. Consider also the daily news and you have a recipe for anxiety as well as muscle pain and low mood by 5 pm.

If you take the time to meditate in short bursts throughout the day or in one long session before or after work, you will start to see some changes. A work-life balance is important, especially when working from so just consider meditation a tool to balance this equilibrium.

Other benefits of meditation include, increase of awareness, improved concentration, increase positive emotions, improve relationships and new perspectives.

Most meditation exercises only take 10 minutes and can be done anywhere, even at your desk! Make sure you have a comfy chair and you can even stash a few pillows in your office. It's also helpful to have water nearby. Now let's go through some techniques and exercises!

Repeating a phrase over and over

Alternate Nostril Breathing

This one is super easy and can even calm down panic attacks. Simply sit with your eyes closed, plug one nostril with your ring finger and one with your thumb. Place the index finger and middle finger on your forehead. Breathe through the open nostril, then plug it, releasing the other nostril, then breathe. Continue this cycle for 20-30 breaths or until you feel calmer.

Box Breathing

Choose a crystal:

How are feeling right now?

Choose a tarot card:

What kind of exercise do you do?

Choose a letter:

Choose a number:

Choose a crystal:

What is your dominant personality trait?

Choose a color:

What kind of meditation are you drawn to?

You should use the mantra...I AM.

You should use the mantra...I AM.

The I AM mantra helps you to connect to yourself and your identity. You have both infinite identities and finite identities that you express in reality.

You should use the mantra...OHM.

You should use the mantra...OHM.

You should use the mantra...YOU ARE.

You should use the mantra...YOU ARE.

The YOU ARE mantra accentuates relationships in your life and clarifies who "the "other" is.

Breathe from your diaphragm

While sitting on your chair, put your hands on your stomach area and just take a few long breaths. Humans often don't breathe from the right place and it's why we get so stressed and caught up in things! Do this exercise in between emails or before and after lunch.

Note your thoughts

Stare at a ceiling fan

If you have a ceiling fan in your office, guess what, you're set! The rotations of a ceiling fan are really good for processing thoughts and can put you in that zen state as effectively as closing your eyes for meditation. Gaze up above and take a few deep breaths. Try and focus on your breathing and let the fan relax your over active mind.

Take a sound bath

Turn on a singing bowl Youtube video and see how amazingly calm it will make you. Take some breaths and focus on the sound of the singing bowls. Stereo headphones work especially well for this type of thing. You'll be zenned out by lunch!

Look out the window and practice mindfulness

Try the 4 - 7 - 8 breathing technique

This technique is super easy once you get a hang of it. It promotes breathing regulation and oxygen absorption. It's also good if you are having a panic attack. Breathe in for 4 counts, then hold for 7, then exhale for 8 in one whoosh.

There you have 9 easy ways to meditate just sitting at your desk! Don't forget there are many guided meditations available online as well as apps that offer recorded meditation clips.

All these techniques are easy to learn and use when you're at your desk at home or in public. Once you get used to one technique, have it in your back pocket for stressful times in meetings or at company parties. Always take enough breaks during your workday and fit in some time for some good old meditation!

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