7 Crystals For Self Empowerment And Confidence

Need a cosmic boost? These crystals will point you in the right direction when it comes to your self-confidence.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 10, 2022

Crystals work to heal energies within your auric field. Certain crystals have different structures and frequencies and are attuned to different emotions. Self-empowerment and confidence usually come from the solar plexus chakra, a yellow vibrational energy. This means a lot of yellow crystals will help self-confidence, but it's not always the case. Check out this eclectic array of crystals that will boost your self-esteem so you can reach your goals and be the authentic you!


Sodalite for Intuition and Channeling

Sodalite empowers the mind to think rationally and connects your mind/body/spirit. Sodalite being related to the element of air, allows anxious thinking to dissipate like it's flowing in the wind.

It connects your thinking to your "truth" so that you can think through things with more rationale. If you're currently in a busy workplace or an environment that is distracting and you feel pulled from all angles, try placing sodalite on your desk so you can hear your own thoughts and make decisions based on your truth as opposed to another person's want or need.

Sodalite can also help channel messages from spirit. Hold crystal to your heart and breathe into it. Then wait for your intuition to guide you.


Citrine For Joy And Eternal Sunshine

Citrine is a yellow crystal that activates the solar plexus chakra. Citrine inspires joy, a sunny disposition, possibilities and creative energy. It's a very high-energy and motivating stone and allows us to move forward into a life of authentic happiness and joy.

Carrying a citrine with you will give you a boost of self-confidence and will connect you to possibilities that serve your authentic happiness!


Hematite For Grounded Assuredness

Hematite is a very grounding stone. It connects us to the earth so that we feel that sense of vitality and natural confidence from ourselves. It promotes logical thinking and removes any dramas in our life.

Carrying hematite will help your keep your sense of groundedness in high-pressure situations and will encourage you to manifest your dreams while maintaining a stable foundation.

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Sunstone....will bring you self-confidence!

Sunstone....will bring you self-confidence!

Sunstone connects you with the power of the sun! It activates your sacral chakra and connects you to those that are connected to your purpose!

Rose Quartz....will bring you self-confidence!

Rose Quartz....will bring you self-confidence!

You may have just gone through a heart-break or a difficult time. You may need to make some difficult decisions now. Rose Quartz reminds you that you come first and gives you the confidence to heal your heart as it needs to be healed.

Black Tourmaline....will bring you self-confidence!

Black Tourmaline....will bring you self-confidence!

Black Tourmaline will clear your path just as you need it. You may be in a transition right now, or there are blockages in your way of stepping forward into your purpose. Black Tourmaline will help clear these energies away.


Sunstone For Harnessing The Energy Of The Sun

Sunstone activates the sacral chakra having to do with vitality and sensuality. Sunstone connects you to the energy of the sun and presents to you opportunities and connections that serve your authenticity or your "Sun."

Hold your sunstone to your heart and look up at the sun. Let it guide you towards a new opportunity that will fill you with joy and purpose! You also may find that you make new connections with people that are attuned to this new purpose.


Black Tourmaline For A Clear Path

Black Tourmaline helps to ground your energy so that your path is clear and purposeful. Any negative energies or things in your way get cleared so that you can step into your truth. Often we don't realize there are things holding us back and black tourmaline brings these things to light and clears them away.

To clear your energy and path, simply meditate with black tourmaline and ask your path to be cleared. Do this meditate as many times as necessary.


Ruby For Passion and Spontaneity

Ruby activates the root chakra and inspires confidence, spontaneity and passion! Sometimes you can feel downtrodden and worried, Ruby will remind you to have the courage to be yourself, to do things just for the fun of them and to act through your passion.

Use Ruby when you need a boost of confidence in situations that require your input. This can be at work, with family or in a relationship.


Rose Quartz For Self Esteem

Rose Quartz activates the heart chakra. Self-confidence starts inside and Rose Quartz can help to soothe a worried heart or encourage connection to the right people. If you've been through a heart break or are anxious about something, Rose Quartz will help you connect to your inner voice and get into your heart space.

Carry Rose Quartz for meaningful and confident connections to those around you as well as when you need some support for your heart and worries.

Crystals are a great tool to hone in on that self-confidence and persuade you to get off the couch and on your true and authentic path. Although if you need additional support, things like exercise, eating healthy and deep breathing can also help self-confidence.

Pair crystals with meditation. Bring the crystal to your solar plexus chakra or your heart and breathe into it with the intention of harnessing more confidence. Envision yourself, a confident person, doing everything you want to do. Allow the crystal to do its magic, then write down the guidance you've received from it.

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