4 Of The Best Manifesting Crystals: Attract Your Desires

Sometimes you need a little extra boost when it comes to manifestation. These crystals can help bring what you need, want and desire into your life.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jan 9, 2022

Crystals are definitely not the cure for things like stress, but they can be useful on your spiritual journey to help manifest things you want to bring into your life. It depends on what you want to manifest and when you want to manifest it. We all have creative powers, but why not bring in some tools to really hone in on what you want!

This article will outline 4 crystals that will be your BFF's when it comes to manifesting your destiny!

Jade for Creating Abundance and Wealth

Jade, being a green vibration stone is excellent at creating wealth and abundance. If you are ready for a promotion or want more attention at work, Jade is a great stone to have around. It brings luck and can accentuate the vibration of creation and abundance in all aspects of living.

Jade is great for entrepreneurs or artists who need to think of ideas all day long. The thing is, once you have an idea, Jade can help you manifest it into reality. So if you're writing a book for example, having a Jade beside you while you write will allow to finish the project in the time needed and allow for opportunities to have it read, seen and received by an audience.

This powerful crystal will also bring your attention to projects you may have forgotten about or bring into your life people to work with on new projects.

There are certain barriers to manifestation sometimes, like not thinking you are good enough or being too stuck to a routine. Jade brings your awareness to your creative potential so that these habits and ways of thinking can fall away and you can get back to your creative life.

Of course, Jade is closely related to fertility as well as the Heart Chakra and carrying Jade with you into a new relationship will ensure, honestly, self-love and acceptance.

In a nutshell, Jade puts you in tune with your abundance and points you in the direction to achieving your creative goals!

Green Fluorite for Grounded Abundance

Another green crystal that is a powerful tool to manifest abundance in your life. Fluorite has a cubic structure, meaning it deals with the more practical aspects of your life such as your home, your finances, your family and your car.

If you have something in mind you want to manifest such as more money, a vacation, more harmony with your family life or furniture for your home, this is a good crystal to use.

Say you want to bring more travel into your life. Place a green fluorite crystal on your passport and wait a few days. You will sense a shift in your travel life and possibilities will open up. It's the same for money. Place a green fluorite crystal on a $50 bill with the intention of making more money. I did this once and a few days later a friend pushed me to start trading crypto!

Green Fluorite teaches you that the opportunities are there, energies just need to be cleared in order to make way for your new possibilities to come through. It also teaches you that abundance is always on the way and that if you're stressed or worried about it, there's no need. Sometimes the universe responds more abundantly when you leave things alone and just trust that everything will work out.

Try placing green fluorite on an object that represents your desire. Leave it to do its magic and see what manifests!

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You should use....Garnet as a Manifestation Crystal!

You should use....Garnet as a Manifestation Crystal!

You should use....Jade as a Manifestation Crystal!

You should use....Jade as a Manifestation Crystal!

You should use....Green Fluorite as a Manifestation Crystal!

You should use....Green Fluorite as a Manifestation Crystal!

You should use....Tiger's Eye as a Manifestation Crystal!

You should use....Tiger's Eye as a Manifestation Crystal!

Garnet for Getting What You Need

Garnet is a red vibration stone that heals the base chakra and is not always associated with manifesting abundance, but sometimes you need something more than you want something else. Garnet is great at clearing away energy blocks so that your needs can come to the surface and be met with abundance.

If you are going through something difficult, garnet can help to bring the supports you need. It can ensure you have enough money and security so that you don't topple over.

Garnet puts you into a flow of meeting your needs. It just makes it seem so easy and effortless. It teaches you that everything you require is right there, you just have to look up ask for it.

Garnet gives you a warm feeling of security and support. It helps you lay that foundation in your life, so you can manifest your dreams and fulfill desires without the worry of instability.

Tiger's Eye for Manifesting Will Power

Tiger's Eye is a yellow vibrational stone associated with the solar plexus chakra. Tiger's Eye helps to bring creations to fruition through your own willpower.

With Tiger's Eye, it's not just about manifesting physical things or situations. It manifests your will to create your own destiny. Let me explain it further.

Say you had a school project you were working on and you were nervous about it. Tiger's Eye gives you the courage to "step up to the plate" and be the leader in the project. Tiger's Eye allows you to shine abundantly in whatever you do as well as protect your path and artistic identity.

Tiger's Eye is great for artists who want to be recognized or noticed in their field. It will bring success to projects and situations that require courage and willpower. It opens a gate and allows you to visualize the project to its finished product.

If you're thinking of publicizing your work or want to strengthen your presence in your field, Tiger's Eye is there to help!

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