12 Makeup Tips From Celebrity Makeup Artists 

Did you know you can change the texture of your liners with a lighter flame? Adding oil to your foundation boosts luminosity. And natural palettes are so in this summer. Here are some makeup tips directly from celebrity experts.

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Jun 13, 2022
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Adding oil to foundation for extra luminosity

Move makeup sponge strategically

Choose a color of foundation:

Calculating results

Don't use sponges at all

Using concealer for an eye lid primer

Choose a lip liner:

Calculating results

Use a lighter on an eyeliner pencil

Apply makeup in sheer layers

Choose a color of natural lipstick:

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Go up a notch in skin tone shade

Use creams instead of powders

Choose a makeup applicator:

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Build eyebrows for a youthful look

Use lip liner that matches the color of your lips

Wear a neutral lip shade

Wear monochromatic palettes

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