12 Easy Crochet Projects For Beginners

There are so many fun projects you can make with crochet!

Lea Abelson
Created by Lea Abelson
On Apr 11, 2022
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Crochet is one of those things that once you start it, it's hard to stop! All that is required for crochet is your yarn of choice and a crochet hook.

There are tons of cool and crafty projects you can start stitching. Here are the best ones for absolute beginners!


Crochet Dishcloth


Crochet Makeup Remover Pads


Chunky Infinite Scarf


Easy Crochet Headband


Velvet Hair Scrunchies

Choose a color:

Choose a number:

Choose a basket of yarn:

Choose some colored yarn:

Choose a crochet project:

When do you crochet?

Choose a palette of yarn:

Choose another color:

What level of crocheter are you?

Answer this: Are you an undercover knitter?

You are the passionate, hobby crocheter.

You are the passionate, hobby crocheter.

You love crochet more than anything, it's your true passion and you are always buzzing with new crochet ideas. You've even made up a few patterns yourself.

You are the serious career crocheter.

You are the serious career crocheter.

You have tons of projects on the go, you quickly picked up the technique and you're even considering selling your crocheted products!

You are the casual crocheter.

You are the casual crocheter.

You have a crochet project going, you think...it's sitting over there on the chair...it will get down some day. You may just bring it out when watching TV or to show your friends resulting in mild amusement.

What Type Of Crocheter Are You?

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Choose a color:


Crochet Leg Warmers


Crochet Tassle


Crochet Earrings


Simple Mug Cozy


Tunisian Mug Rug

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