Game of Thrones: Season 6 Preparation Quiz

In order to get you started for the 6th season of the fantasy books which turned into HBO'S biggest hit to date, we got you a little quiz that should bring out your inner dragon.

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On Apr 27, 2016
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What is the name of Jon Snow's Direwolf?

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Which indie band made a cameo appearance at the Purple Wedding?

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The actor who plays Theon Grayjoy is the sibling of what famous pop star?

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Whose family crest is this?

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In the beginning of the book, 3 men of the Night's Watch were sent to track a band of wildling raiders. Who led the group?

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Who is this?

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Who is not her child

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The fencing advice Jon Snow gives to Arya Stark? is "Stick them with the…"

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Which king nominated Davos Seaworth as his right hand?

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Who steals Tyrion Lannister's lover?

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