What Kind of AP English Student Are You?

Your junior year is finally here! How will you handle the pressure of AP? Find out here!

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After a long day of school, you are most likely to be found

Your junior year schedule includes

You have a large assignment due at the end of the week. Your strategy for tackling the assignment is

When it comes to achievement, how much emphasis do you place on grades?

How many AP tests do you plan to take before leaving high school?

If you're struggling on an assignment, where do you turn to first for help?

How much do you enjoy school?

When you have a lot of homework in all of your classes, your strategy is to

When it comes to your performance compared to the performance of your peers, you

Your biggest goal in relation to AP English 11 is to

In relation to your studies, you would describe yourself as

Your future plans include

In your opinion, the "key to success" is

When you're stressed out, what do you do?

When your English teacher assigns a novel to be read within a certain timeframe, you

You hope that your name appears in the "Top Ten" list and/or that you'll be named "Mr. or Miss AP English" at some point this year.

You would describe the process of writing a research paper as

Your school "spirit animal" would be

The Diligent Hard Worker

The Diligent Hard Worker

You work hard and are extremely attentive to detail. Time management is your strong suit. You're able to balance numerous difficult classes with extracurricular activities without becoming overwhelmed.

The Competitor

The Competitor

You want to see your name in the "Top Ten" list and you won't stop until you get there! You also want the title of Mr. or Miss AP English. You're likely planning to apply to a competitive university, and you're determined to be admitted. Your competitive nature will serve you well in this class!

The Overachiever

The Overachiever

Your schedule is jammed packed! You successfully handle multiple AP courses alongside extracurricular activities, volunteerism, and/or part-time employment. You're likely in a leadership position in at least one of your organizations, and instead of taking tasks off your plate, you're constantly adding more. You thrive under pressure and will rise to meet any challenge. That college application resume is going to look amazing!

The Stress-Free Student

The Stress-Free Student

You've mastered the ability to practice effective time management and juggle your difficult schedule alongside your personal life. You are not easily stressed out because you've found healthy ways to manage the arduous task that is junior year. A nervous breakdown is not in your future. Well done!

The Procrastinator

The Procrastinator

It's midnight and you have a critical analysis essay due tomorrow morning. Although you're only half way through your essay, you're not worried. You work best under pressure! In fact, you're energized by the time crunch. While you're never the first to complete an assignment, you always manage to get it done just in the nick of time. You'll survive your junior year, but not without a few moments of panic, followed by relief :)

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