What Does Your FOMO Say About You?

How much of a FOMO are you?

Created by LaurenBuzz
On Aug 20, 2017

It is a friday night, what are you wishing you were doing?

How do you feel in your current situation?

If your favourite song comes on the dance floor, where are you?

You have been invited to 3 events in 1 night, what one do you attend?

You have just seen your socials and realized you should have gone to the other event, how do you feel?

How does this picture make you feel?

It is holiday time, where do you want to go?

You have been given an ultimatum: A night out with your besties or a night in with your partner, which do you pick?

When you miss something social and it looks amazing on Snapchat, what is the word that engulfs your emotions?

What do you think FOMO means?

You have Career FOMO

You have Career FOMO

You can't help but get drawn into social media every day of your life and stalk people who are following their dream careers. You might love what you do and travel the world, but you find yourself constantly comparing with others. You want it all and can't stop feeling like you need to climb the ladder. You have a TOTAL FOMO of feeling like you should be in a better position or doing more productive things with your time. Take a moment to stop and reflect, you are probably in a good position and if not, start making those changes to get to where you want to be.

You have Lifestyle FOMO

You have Lifestyle FOMO

You can't stop swiping through holiday photos and wishing you were living in a warmer and more exotic climate. You constantly feel like you should be doing more exercise or eating healthier. Your Instagram is full of beach body workouts and green super food fruit juices that you wish you were making everyday. You have a FOMO on lifestyle decisions and choices, but why don't you suss out what you really want and start making those right choices.

You have Relationship FOMO

You have Relationship FOMO

Whether you are single or in a relationship, you have a big FOMO with love. You are either in a loving and adoring relationship following your single friends and their adventures or you are single and pining after cuddles every night of the week and stalking your besties holiday snaps in cuba with their loved ones. You just can't make a decision and you want it all. Try to accept what you have got and enjoy it, because the grass is always greener.