Could You Actually Survive Living In The Arctic?

How good are your survival skills in 2017? Let's see if you could survive in the depths of the icy cold Arctic if you had to?

Created by LaurenBuzz
On Jan 2, 2017

How many layers of clothing should you wear on a daily basis in the Arctic?

What should you wear on your hands?

Which animal would be your friend in the wilderness?

How many calories do you need to eat in the Arctic on a daily basis?

What colour ice should you avoid?

Which boots might save your life?

Where should you hide for shelter if the snow is too thick?

What drink would keep your blood pumping in the cold?

If you could take one essential item what would it be?

How long would you need to leave freezing water in order to survive?



The extremities of the icy cold Arctic weather would nip at your toes and you would be out for the count within a day. Unfortunately you didn't come well prepared for your icy adventure and your basic survival skills wouldn't make it through the night. You didn't pack enough layers and you tried to use all your energy before reaching safe shelter. The icy cold wind will get the better of you, but don't worry this is just a fantasy world and know you know how to fully prepare yourself for your icy adventure.

Arctic Straggler

Arctic Straggler

You would survive a few days in this winter wonderland however your lack of in depth knowledge would eventually get the better of you. You might have drunk all your fresh water by day 3 and the shelter you have made isn't located in the right position. Your boots are good but they arn't the best and over the course of a few days that frostbite will really start to nip at your toes. The exhaustion will get the better of you unless you find shelter and outside help before the night sets in.

Arctic Survivor

Arctic Survivor

You are a true ice warrior. You wrapped up extra warm with a minimum of 4 clothing layers and you know when to stay put and hide from the storm. You invested in the best equipment the world has to offer and you have been planning this trip your whole life. You would definately survive the winter in this Arcticlands. You know polar bears are not your friends, black ice is to be avoided and you have all your survival skills up to date to stick out the cold until outside help comes.