Which member of NyxRising Industries are you most like?

Ever wondered which member of NyxRising Industries you share personality traits with? Take this quiz to find out!

NyxRising Industries
Created by NyxRising Industries
On Jan 4, 2017

You've got two hours spare in the day. What do you do with them?

What's your typical Starbucks order?

Choose a quote:

Choose an animal:

What feeling do you relate to the most?

How tall are you?

You enter a room filled with interesting objects. What are you drawn to?

Choose your favourite meme:

Choose a colour combination:

What are you most likely to wear?

Which superpower would you choose?

Where are you from?

What pasta are you?

Where would you rather live?

What's your scent aesthetic?

Choose the most appealing landscape:

Would you say you were more...

What food do you survive on?



You are most like... Nyx!

Dedicated and full of ideas, you spend most of your time in your own head thinking about stories and creating things. You're drawn to the unusual and might not fit in with many people, but that's okay - you prefer it that way anyway. You probably get caffeine withdrawals after less than an hour and you prefer rain and cold to sun and hot weather.

You're a great leader when you're willing to talk to people and take a stand, but most of the time you like to be on your own and don't pay much mind to what others get up to. Being alone helps you get a lot done, but remember to let your friends help you shoulder the load sometimes too. Be proud of who you are and let the world see you shine.



You are most like... Bee!

You give amazing advice to your friends and you're extremely loyal to them - you'd definitely get in a fight to protect them if you needed to. But you're by no means an angry person - you're like a ray of sunshine, always smiling. You're a goof, naturally silly and you never fail to make anyone laugh with your shenanigans. You are also probably so tall that people injure their necks just looking up at you.

You have an adventurous spirit through and through. You're naturally inquisitive and love exploring new places, whether they are one town over or the other side of the world. Go out there and find new horizons - it'll help you become the person you were born to be.



You are most like... Jack!

A natural scholar, you love history and probably feel like you were born in the wrong era. Brimming with intelligence and creativity, you are always inspiring other people even if you don't realise it. You feel most at home in peaceful spaces where you can be alone with your thoughts. You could probably do with taking better care of yourself and eating a vegetable now and then!

You love to laugh and your laughter is infectious. You're a natural entertainer too and always see the best in people, so put that thoughtful mind and big heart to work the best way you know how - making others smile. But don't forget to take time out for yourself once in a while; remember to do things to make yourself smile too.



You are most like... Sasha!

You are endlessly kind and fiercely loyal towards the people you love, but you're also very sensitive and easily take things to heart. You love the warmth of home and consider your friends to be the family you chose for yourself. You also eat wayyyy too much ketchup, like more than should be legal.

If you were in an RPG, you'd be the healer, always going above and beyond to care for people and ready to pick up the pieces when your friends make mistakes or need a shoulder to lean on. There's not a bad bone in your body and you make other people feel better just by being around them. It's a special talent, so be sure to use it to improve the world. Believe in yourself because you're very important to the people you love.



You are most like... Nahnah!

On the surface you're fashionable, lively and fun, and you love having a good time with your friends. No one can match your awesome sense of style and you're super talkative and easy to get along with. But there's a lot more to you too - you're very intelligent with a big, gentle heart and a love for simple, tranquil things. You're also a bit of a meme lord.

You're easily excited - you quickly fall in love with new things and you love to take an idea and jump straight on it, making it happen. Whilst you might not be as confident as you'd like to be, it never shows and you're an inspiring person because of it. Keep your head up and make steps towards what you really want in life, because you're capable of anything!

Jason Isaacs

Jason Isaacs

You are most like... Celery!

You were once a very important figure until you were trapped inside a piece of green pottery, laying waste to all your plans for world domination. At least your ceramic form is handsome. Despite popular belief, you were called Jason Isaacs first before that handsome actor guy came and stole your limelight.

Nowadays you're trying to make the most of the life you have been stuck with, even if you are a total nihilist. You love the internet at least, super sugary drinks and all animals. You eat gluten free (you're a celery-iac) and you hold about a pint of liquid. You also love tropical locations and autumnal colours, and your favourite smell is musk.

You were a total fashion icon in your heyday, and you hate to be confused with your cousin, arch nemesis and fashion failure Cedric who was frankly nothing like you and only garnered fame based on his title. Honestly, some people have no taste.