How Well Do You Remember The Original Pokemon Series?

You may be champion of Pokemon Go, but how well do you remember the show?

Lara Stokes
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On Jul 31, 2016
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What did Ash borrow from Misty in the first episode?

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In which city did Ash's first gym battle take place?

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What kind of accessory did the Squirtle Squad wear?

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What was the name of Charmander's original trainer?

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What was Ash's second Pokemon ever (after Pikachu, of course!)

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What Pokemon does James buy aboard the St. Anne?

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What type Pokemon does the gym leader Sabrina use?

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What is the first legendary bird Pokémon Ash sees?

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Brock was a gym leader at which city?

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Which Pokemon helps around the house at the Ketchum residence?

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Which is Pikachu's favorite food?

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What Pokemon followed the group on their journey?

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Which of the following is not the name of one of Misty's sisters?

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Which of Ash's pokemon does he trade for a Raticate and then want back?

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