Like Art? These Groundbreaking Artists And Their Cutting Edge Works Will Astound You!

Check out how these creative an innovative artists re-define what art and beauty really is.

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Flowers anyone?

Sadly, Detroit is demolishing approximately 200 decaying and abandoned properties per week! So local activists and florists decided to plant over 4,000 flowers in this abandoned home. The transformation is stunningly beautiful. After this quiz, visit to view more!


Alice isn't the only one in Wonderland!

Kirsty Mitchell, a fine art photographer, channeled the grief of her mother's death into what she calls the 'Wonderland Series'. She not only photographed the series, but she created all of the costumes and every portion of the set. One image could take up to five months to create! To see the series, and watch an interview with this astonishing artist, visit,


Paint isn't just for canvases!

Nope, you are not witnessing an illusion. Artist Orly Faya uses body paint to blend her human subjects into the natural environment around them. Her work is phenomenal! To watch her in action, visit:, of course after this quiz!


Think nature art is boring??

Think again! Englishman Andy Goldsworthy, is an ephemeral Earth artist, and completely transforms the world of 'nature art'. Working solely with what nature provides, he devotes hours, days, and sometimes weeks to create pieces of art that will last only as long as nature allows. Whether it be ice, sticks, leaves, or sand, he can create a majestic masterpiece with nature and his two hands. Rent the documentary Rivers and Tides, you won't regret it!


In the same circle...

Nature artist Jim Denevan works with nature as well. He is most known for his concentric work with ice and sand. This frozen lake shown here (Lake Baikal in Siberia) was mapped out to a be a Fibonacci sequence of circles repeating for a total of 12.5 square miles!


Can you feel the beat?

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Evelyn Glennie, an almost completely deaf percussionist performs here in Central Station, New York. She has collaborated with dozens of musicians, and relies on her unique ability to FEEL the sound, and the rhythm.
Check out her documentary titled, Touch the Sound.


In the still of the water...

Fashion editor and photographer, Zena Holloway, takes her artistic talents deeper, into water that is, and captures ethereal and unique works of art. In this series, she captures the beauty of fashion at its highest, but in the still, serene realm of water. In this element there is a magical and weightless esthetic that cannot be achieved through any other medium. Her work spans wider than fashion too; you MUST check out her other gorgeous works.


Tall tales? Tails...

Or should we say fins? In the same family as Zena, this underwater photographer, Elena Kalis pushes the boundaries with her underwater art. This series explores the beauty between humans and marine life. Her underwater work is vast; sometimes she tells a fable with props and lots of color, and then other times the work is simple, and full of feeling and poetry.


Ukeleles aren't just for Hawaiian music!

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This now, very famous musician and ukelele player, Jake Shimabukuro wanted to show the world that his native four stringed instrument could do so much more, and oh it does!
Check out a great documentary on him titled, Life on Four Strings: trailer posted below


Think some art is trashy?

This is... but in a fantastic way! Brazilian artist Vik Muniz embarked on a project called 'Wasteland', and visited the world's largest garbage dump to photograph pickers, called 'cat adores'. He had a switch in his vision when he met these amazing catadores, and decided to make mixed media pieces, focusing on the pickers as subjects. In his large scale works, he utilized the garbage that had been picked. If you look closely in the lower left hand corner you can see people, and get a sense of the epic scale of this piece. You can also spot garbage bins, sinks, furniture, and so much more.
Check out the amazing documentary that will no doubt touch your heart:


Would you like an umbrella with that drink? Or a pretty lady?

Food art can be quite stunning, but this is different than the well carved watermelon. Artist Filippo Ioco, uses his skills as a body painter to create unique, one of a kind food and drink art pieces that feature painted human subjects. The result: playful art that most definitely makes you hungry!
His works go far beyond the world of food; check out his other stunning works after this quiz:


Put your money into trees...

This money tree, located in the U.K. dates back to the 1700's. Ill people during that time would tack their coins to the tree, in hopes that it would take away their sickness(es). The tree has grown and morphed with the money staying intact, and people continue to hammer in their well earned coin for luck and health. Now it is a true living piece of art (created by common folk), with thousands of wishes tucked into its bark.


Redefining dance...

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Although this dance piece is 8 years old, it still captivates a side of dance not often seen. Choreographed by Moses Pendleton and Cynthia Quinn of Momix, White Widow holds an ethereal and haunting beauty. Similar to aerial and silk dances, it requires tremendous strength, control, and no doubt grace.
Check out his other amazing, truly unique works:


Believe in the art of going green?

This skyscraper, called a vertical forest tower, is located in Sri Lanka, and is the tallest in the world. Its design was inspired by Italian architect, and nature conservationist, Stefano Boeri. His semi-twin 365 and 260 foot 'forest towers' are almost completed in Milan and will accommodate nearly one hectare of forest trees as tall as oak and amelanchiers in its cleverly designed balconies. On land that would look like 2 1/2 acres of pure forest! The towers will house an astonishing 900 trees, 5,000 shrubs, 11,000 ground cover plants, and then of course its new human inhabitants. After this quiz, check out this amazing architect's work!


Art that goes far deeper...

X-ray art has become popular, especially with flowers; it takes their beauty to a scientific, yet delicate and other worldly level. Tony Rubino takes the art of the x-ray and flowers much further, and forces us to ponder on a very social matter: guns. In this controversial series, featuring guns with flowers, we are pushed to question how we feel about these modern and often destructive weapons. His art can of course be interpreted in many ways, but one can't help but think of what life would be if we had flowers instead of bullets showering down upon our city streets.

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