How Classy Are You?

Suits, shirts, watches. The right look changes everything. People will look at you differently and you'll be highly respected if you have the classy confidence everyone looks upon. Are you classy? Take this quiz and test yourself. For more kwizzes like this and other entertainment visit - Also please like our facebook page -

Created by Kwizzical
On Jul 10, 2015

Which of these watches would you wear?

Where would you eat dinner with a date?

Which one of these movies do you like best?

Finish this sentence: I would never leave my house without ...

Which of these would you want to do on a weekend night?

Which word best describes you?

Which of these cars would you want to drive?

Which outfit would you wear?

Are you in a relationship?

You're Definitely Classy!

You're Definitely Classy!

You like suits. You know which watch to wear. You drive the right car. You're living the classy life. Your tastes in everything are perfect and everywhere you go you release a fiery vigor. Everyone looks up to you because you're a respectable man/woman.

You'll Get There

You'll Get There

You might not like it but you're not really classy. You'll get there one day. Wear the right clothes, drive the right car, have the right demeanor. People will one day look up to you for the classy man/woman you have become.