How Well Do You Know Kolkata?

It is time to see how well you know your city- Kolkata!

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The modern-day Kolkata was said to be founded in the year 1686. Who was said to be the founder, before the Calcutta High Court passed a statement in 2003 stating that Kolkata has no founder?

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The 17th Century Kolkata comprised of 3 villages. Which of the following was not one of them?

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Kolkata is popularly known as the City of Joy. Which of these is also a nickname given to Kolkata?

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Before 1912, when the British moved the capital city to Delhi, Kolkata (Calcutta) served as the Indian capital. In which year did Calcutta become the capital of India?

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Kolkata has given India its first Nobel Laureates. Which of the following was the first Indian to win a Nobel Prize?

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Kolkata has some of the oldest English medium schools in India. Which of the following is the oldest one in the city?

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There are four primary bridges in Kolkata. Which of the following is popularly called Howrah Bridge?

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Jealous by the beauty of the Taj Mahal, the British got this monument constructed. Can you name the beautiful monument?

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Kolkata has the largest mall in East India. Name it.

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Inspired by the Bangla Bhasha Diwas of the Bangla Language Movement of Bangladesh and West Bengal, UNESCO started observing a special international day for mother language. On what day is this day celebrated?

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The Alipore Zoological Gardens is India’s oldest formally stated zoological park. In which year was the zoo inaugurated?

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The Salk Lake Multipurpose Stadium of Kolkata is the largest stadium in India by capacity. What is the other name for the same?

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Kolkata has some of the oldest cinema halls of India. Which is the oldest cinema hall in India?

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The first planetarium to be set up in India was in Kolkata. It is also Asia’s largest and the second largest in the world. What is its name?

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Which monument in Kolkata has base that is Egyptian, column that is Syrian, and dome that is Turkish?

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