Could You Be the Next Sovereign Auraseer?

Being named a Sovereign Auraseer certainly comes with a certain amount of prestige, but it can be a bit, shall we say, challenging at times. You have to be able to handle ALL the feels and then some! Take this quiz and find out if you could be the next Sovereign Auraseer!

YA and Wine
Created by YA and Wine
On Jun 1, 2017

Oh no! That rakish lord you warned your bestie off of dumped her! She needs a shoulder to cry on. How do you react?

You hear wolves howling outside in the dark forest. What do you do?

You attend dinner with all the other lords and ladies of the court. You use your uncanny ability to sense other's emotions to do which of the following:

Accompanied by a certain handsome royal, you attend a play. Unfortunately, no one told you it was a tragedy. When the heroine sobs over the death of her one true love you, how do you react?

You pass a group of starving peasants on your way to the palace. How do you react?

One of the court guards has been stabbed in an attack on the palace! What do you do?

You sense that a particularly handsome lord has, naturally, become quite captivated by you. You react by:

What type of setting would you prefer to live in?

Whose "team" are you on?

You did it! You're the next Sovereign Auraseer!

You did it! You're the next Sovereign Auraseer!

Congratulations on becoming the next Sovereign Auraseer! Just remember to keep your wits about you while you're in the palace, particularly around a certain pair of royal brothers!

Oh, dear. The feels got the better of you!

Oh, dear. The feels got the better of you!

It's probably in your best interests to remain a regular denizen of Riaznin. Keep your head down though! It's best not to attract the attention of Emperor Valko.