What Do You Know About Black Cats?

Black cats are too often the last to be adopted which puts them at risk for being put to sleep. That's why August 17th is Black Cat Appreciation day! To celebrate black cats everywhere, test what you know about our tall, dark and furry little friends.

Created by cheezburger
On Aug 17, 2015
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Where are black cats considered lucky?

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True or False: The gene for black fur is recessive so a cat has to have two copies to be black.

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What is the most common eye color for a black cat?

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True or False: In Germany, if a black cat crosses your path from right to left you'll have good luck!

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What breed of cat is always black?

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If you live in Scotland, where would you like to see a black cat appear?

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True or False: The richest cat in the world is a black cat in Italy.

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