Only People With An IQ Range Of 146-153 Can Complete These 23 Phrases

Can you get 23/23 correctly?

Kory Pearl
Created By Kory Pearl
On Feb 18, 2017

No news is _____ news.

Necessity is the _____ of invention.

A miss is as good as a _____.

When the cat's away, the _____ play.

Nothing is certain but death and _____.

The way to a man's heart is through his _____.

You're never too _____ to learn.

Too many cooks spoil the _____.

You have to take the good with the _____.

A man who is his own _____ has a fool for his client

Imitation is the sincerest form of _____.

When in Rome, do as the Romans _____.

There is no _____ among thieves.

Two heads are better than _____.

Only fools and _____ work.

The bottom line is the _____ line.

Needs must when the _____ drives.

Variety is the spice of _____.

A little of what you fancy does you _____.

Marry in haste, repent at _____.

Revenge is a dish best served _____.

Success has many _____, while failure is an orphan.

The age of miracles is _____.

WOW!! You have an IQ range of 146-153.

WOW!! You have an IQ range of 146-153.

Your IQ range is 146-153. You have a highly intelligent personality. You need to constantly be mentally stimulated. You get bored quickly, and therefore can easily overcome your fear of failure. You don't just wait for things to happen. You make them happen, and you know how to motivate yourself to move forward. People in your IQ range also have high EQ (emotional intelligence). Share this phenomenal news with the world.

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Failed :(

You flunked the test. But the good news is - you're in the same pool with 99.9% of the population. Share the news with the world.