Can We Guess Your Level Of Education?

Answer these questions and we'll determine the level of your actual knowledge!!

Kory Pearl
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Your heart pumps blood.

What is H2O?

Which country has the most people?

What is the biggest state in the U.S.A.?

On which continent is the Sahara desert?

Light waves travel faster than sound waves.

Name the longest river in the world:

Which famous physicist wrote a book called "A Brief History of Time"?

Who developed the theory of relativity?

The Statue of Liberty of New York was a gift from...

The first World War ended in...

Which instrument has keys, pedals and strings?

What is the capital city of Kenya?

The US President who was forced to resign due to the Watergate scandal was...

Which of the following is true?

The Disease which struck Europe in the 14th Century was Plague.

Golf was first played in which country?

Mein Kampf was written by...

Japan attacked Pearl Harbour in 1941.

Can you hear sounds in space?

High School Dropout

High School Dropout

You probably dropped out of high school simply because you didn't know what was expected of you. You were a sensitive kid with big ideas, a strong need for individuality, and the skills to interact effectively with others. Sometimes, it’s all you really need!!

High School Graduate

High School Graduate

You were a decent high school student, more attached to your imagination than reality. You took interest in music and the arts, and considered yourself as defined by your internal compass. The idea of dropping out of society to get more in tune with yourself always made a lot of sense to you. You would try anything once, right?

College Graduate

College Graduate

You graduated from college, most likely with a distinction. You've always had good communication skills, a clear sense of your goal, and a positive attitude. You were flexible and organized, and knew exactly when and how to seek help. You showed strong commitment to complete your program of study. Way to go!!



Hello Master!! – You are incredibly smart and knowledgeable. You read and think actively, ask the big questions, and cultivate empathy for others. You set goals and make them happen, and always find a way to contribute. No wonder you've become a MASTER. Good Luck!!



You are on top!!

You enjoy academic settings, as they fit your balanced, self-aware personality. You are engaged in the entire scholarly experience, and always seek opportunities to enhance learning. You are hardworking, and won’t let any challenge stop you from achieving the best grades possible. Good for you, Professor!!

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