How well do you know The Enchena series? (Evil Level)

How well do you know The Enchena series by K.S. Marsden? The evilly-hard level!

Kelly Marsden
Created by Kelly Marsden
On Mar 8, 2017
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Which British city are David, Samantha and Jemma from?

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Who shelters David and Samantha when they try to escape?

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Which is the first unicorn met in The Lost Soul?

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Who is the leader of the original Mallus pack in The Lost Soul?

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Who goes with Captain Rian and Samantha to steal horses?

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Which is NOT one of Saxton's children?

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What is the name of the Dark Being's daughter?

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Which creature does Jemma NOT have a vision (or a portentous dream) about while in Enchena?

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What are the dragons called?

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How many times does Prince Lugal propose in The Oracle?

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