13 Truths Anyone Who's Lost Their Dad Understands About Father's Day

"Dad… I keep thinking about you even though it pains. I’d give anything to relive those memories again. I miss you."

Keira Butler
Created by Keira Butler
On Aug 4, 2016

Although we remember our dads every single day, the grief we feel on Father's Day is heartbreaking.


It's a day in which we can feel a lot of emotions that range from grief to anger to happiness.


There are times when our loss can make us feel misunderstood and alone.


Although saying goodbye to our fathers was agonizing, it taught us many important lessons about life...


...Including how to appreciate your loved ones because you never know what tomorrow may bring.


Even though our relationship with our father wasn't perfect, we'd give anything to have one moment with them.


You don't have to worry about saying the right thing to us on Father's Day. Sometimes just being there is enough.


Father's Day never really gets easier.


Some of us might not even want to acknowledge the day whatsoever and that's OK.


However, as each year passes we become stronger and more courageous.


Even though nothing can replace our fathers, we'll always be grateful that he gave us the greatest gift ever.


Not only did our dads give us life, but now they watch over us and remind us how precious life really is.


Happy Father's Day to to all the dads looking down on us from heaven.

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