How Well Do You Know Your PR Terms?

Writing is a huge aspect of Public Relations! Brush up on your PR terms by playing this quiz.

Keelin McHale
Created By Keelin McHale
On Nov 8, 2015
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The protection of a creative work from unauthorized use.

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Methods and policies a corporation uses in distributing information when its operations become involved in an emergency situation affecting the public

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An advisory information sheet about a forthcoming event

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Temporary employment by a student to obtain professional work experience.

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Defamation mainly by written or printed words; but also, as interpreted by the courts, by broadcast

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Person who presents an organization's point of view to members of Congress or other government bodies

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Product publicity, promotion, and advertising

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Timely information about an activity of a public relations practitioner's client or organization, distributed in ready-to-use form

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Folder containing news releases, photographs, and background information, distributed to media representatives

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Pictorial news release distributed on videotape, with or without accompanying spoken commentary

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