Georgetown Edition: How Romantic Are You?

Whether you're someone's BAE, BAE-less, or on avid BAE-watch, we all need a little love on the Hilltop. In honor of V-day, find out how romantic you are by taking this quiz.

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Keaton O'Neil
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On Mar 1, 2016

Which of the following banned items would you give BAE for Valentine's Day to keep in his/her dorm?

Favorite academic make-out spot?

Your Hoya crush is finally coming over to "watch something." What do you put on the TV?

What kind of Wisey's wine would you bring over to BAE's Henle?

What Corp bagel would you bring on a date?

Where do you look for acceptable mates?

Which of the following is socially acceptable at Yates?

Holy day! You found out your crush is in your lecture! Only you've never spoken before, because you're kind of a stalker. Where do you sit relative to said crush?

Which grab-n'-go item are you most like romantically?

Pick your favorite Georgetown rooftop for some prime hand-holding.

Oh no! You lost your earring or cuff link last Thursday night! Where could it have fallen off?

The heat broke in your Henle, because, Henle. What do you do for warmth?

V Romantic

V Romantic

You are the Love Guru, seducing everything and anything in your metaphorically red velvety path of passion. Very few in Georgetown can resist your charm, and biddies stand at the side of the elliptical just to catch your sweat beads as they fall off your body. Go break some hearts.



It is obvious that you're trying, but in a cute way. Too bad your life isn't a movie, however, and there is no audience to notice how cute your efforts are. If you were a second grade boy, your teacher would sit your parents down at a parent-teacher conference and say, "Percy is a nice boy with a good heart, but he just has problems expressing his feelings." Replace "Percy" with your name (unless of course, your name actually is Percy), and you have your diagnosis. The remedy? Practice makes perfect. Accept and embrace your awkwardness, and approach that QT in the corner of Brown House, and offer him/her that lukewarm Natty in your sweaty palm. Swooning guaranteed (eventually).

Needs Improvement

Needs Improvement

It's not that you're bad-looking, you may even perhaps be good-looking. Like a parent-teacher conference for a fourth grade boy, your teacher would sit your mom down and say, "Jefferson is a bright, likeable child, he just doesn't apply himself in school." Replace the word "school" with "love" and that describes your romantic life, and replace "Jefferson" with your name, unless of course, your name is actually Jefferson. In the future, don't be afraid to be bolder. Ask that cutie in your PoG class for coffee, ask to split a grab-n-go sandwich because you "forgot your gocard." Start off approaching those you pine for with friendship, and soon enough you'll feel comfortable to make moves.

Heart of Granite

Heart of Granite

It's not that you don't have a soul, it's just not a very loving soul. Like the cold stones of Healy Hall, your constantly photographed exterior is rather frigid. Continuing with this metaphor, your clock hands are ticking, meaning that your time at Georgetown is finite. Not saying that you must spend your remaining year(s) DFMO'ing everyone from your SFS seminar, but be open to striking conversations with people who might be interested in you.

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