Does He Like Me? Does She Like Me? Do They Like Me?!

So, maybe you think he likes you. Maybe you're not sure how she feels. Take this quiz to find out what your crush thinks about you!

Kathy Burke
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On Mar 6, 2023

Everyone in life goes through one stage (or two, or three or four) where they find themselves asking "Does he like me?!" or "Does she like me?!" or "Do they like me?!" ...In the end, we all want to know, right? And unless you have confidence out the wazooo, this isn't typically a question you feel comfortable asking right away.

For those who are still in school, here are some ways you may be able to tell whether he or she likes you:
-You catch them looking at you during class
-They initiate the conversation
-They jump in when they see you talking to someone else
-They try to take the same classes as you

For adults, here are some telltale signs that someone may be interested in you:
-They look at you and use physical touch (touch your shoulder, arm or legs)
-They stand up for you
-They are excited to introduce you to friends and/or family
-They laugh extra hard at your jokes
-Their pupils get larger when talking to you

So, what do you think? Still curious to know whether he or she likes you? Lucky for you, it's time to find out! Answer 19 questions in the quiz below and see what the results say...

Does he/she treat you nicely one day then negatively in another day in random manner?

Does he/she spend time doing your tasks?

Does he/ she check on you after saying a joke?

Did he/she become interested in your hobbies?

Does he/she smile at you for no reason?

Does he/she stare at you while talking more than the usual?

Does this person become hyper active in your presence or right after you leave?

Does he/she yawn in your presence?

Does he/she face you with his/her body while talking?

What was the person's back when you arrived?

Did he/she touch his/her brows after you said something?

How does he/she feel around you?

Does he/she mimic your gestures or wears things you're most interested at?

How often does he/she call you?

What was his/her first reaction whenever he sees you?

How does that person call you?

Does he/she stand or sit close to you without him/her realizing it?

Does he/she meet you in coincidence many times?

How does he/she smile at you?

He/She Definitely Likes You!

He/She Definitely Likes You!

This person is definitely attracted to you!

Nope! Sorry..He/She just doesn't like you..

Nope! Sorry..He/She just doesn't like you..

So... What's the news?

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