Do You Have A Pilot's Vision?

Do you belong to this elite group of people?

Kate Walker
Created by Kate Walker
On Mar 29, 2017

What's the color of the small square?

What is this?

Name the numbers in the picture:

Click on the DARKEST color:

What's the BRIGHTEST color:

Which square has a slightly different color?

What color is in the cross hairs:

Is there a person with an iPad in the crowd?

Hawk Vision

Hawk Vision

You have Hawk Vision, and guess what, it's even better than pilot's vision!
You can detect small objects from a far distance and zoom in on them without losing them in the process.
Because of your high quality vision, your other senses and instincts have become stronger as well. You are constantly aware of what's going on around you and your extremely developed consciousness makes you a super human.

Infrared Vision

Infrared Vision

You are drawn to things that speak to you on a much deeper lever, rather than just focusing on the biggest, most colorful object in your immediate environment.
For something to get your full attention, it needs to approach you on a much deeper level. Your emotions need to speak with your eyes and your environment. Without an emotional connection, you might as well be looking at a blank space.
This quality is very rare and very special in people. It usually hits on a very smart and emotionally mature person who enjoys connecting with the world around him.

Pilot Vision

Pilot Vision

Your eyesight and your brain are connected in a very powerful way.
Your brain works faster than 95% of the human population when it comes to identifying objects, colors and faces. Your eyes and brain have an amazingly fast connection and you comprehend and analyze situations with an almost super-human speed.

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